Saturday, February 23, 2013

What We've Been Up To.

Morning Max-8 Huck-10 NWA Baby Photographer-1 Max-1

Can we talk for a second about how fast time is flying for me right now?

I know, it's basically the lamest subject on Earth that everyone talks about all the time and no one really wants to hear about because, let's face it, everyone only has twenty-four hours in a day. It's not just me. But! In all sincerity, time is flying. It's flying and driving and skyrocketing and plummeting into the depths of the ocean, too! Honestly, I don't even know how it's happening, but I do know that I will remember this winter as the winter of sickness AND the winter I got fat. I don't say that in a depressing way, but turns out if your kids are sick five days out of the week (where are you, spring?!), you mainly stay inside on the couch or on the bed or on the floor all day. And! If you're breastfeeding and not one of those magical nursing ladies who drop all their baby weight as soon as their colostrum turns to milk, you pack on some love weight. I'm kinda upset about it, but also kinda not because I know I'll slim back down once it gets warm and my children stop throwing up and I no longer have to wash the blankets twice a day because they're covered with snot.

That's a lovely image, no?

Anyway! Lately, Henry has turned into this massive tank of baby who, while still the chillest baby who has ever graced this side of the Mississippi (and the other side of the Mississippi, too), wants to stand and sit all day long. If he's in my lap, he's standing on my lap. If he's on the couch, he's propped up. If he's in his bouncy chair, he's pulling himself up by the bar across his lap. If he's on the floor, he's sitting. If my arms are tired from helping him stand, he's standing in his jumper and giving everyone the stink eye because no one else needs a harness to stand on their own two feet. That boy wants to grow up and it is killing me!

Actually, that's kinda a lie. Henry wants to grow up when it comes to movement, but that child is the most enormous nurser. I have tried rice cereal, apples, bananas, and prunes (don't judge me- he hadn't pooped in five days) and he has refused every single one. He takes a bite, then clamps his mouth shut and wants to nurse immediately. But! If you're holding him while eating, he tries to knock the food out of your hand because hey! If everyone else is eating pizza, Huck is eating pizza, too. No mashed up baby food for him.

I love that baby. He's like my soulmate (or one in my three-person list of soulmates, but whatev. Same thing).

As for Max. Oh! My sweet Max! He is obsessed with Batman. Everything in our lives revolves around Batman and, yesterday, we watched the Adam West Batman twice. Every time it starts, Max runs into his room and grabs a Batman and a shark, stands two inches away from the massive television that I like to hide behind the entertainment center doors, and waits until Batman gets bitten by the shark. And you guessed it! When that happens, Max's toy shark bites his toy Batman's leg and Max runs around the room screaming. Batman is the highlight of his life right now, unless you count coloring and begging to play in the bath (with Batman) fifteen times a day.

Also! On Wednesday, I pre-heated the oven for lunch, smelled something funny, looked down at my leg and ENORMOUS flames were in my oven. They were at least a foot tall, took up the entire oven, and caused so much smoke we had to evacuate our apartment while mega-fans aired everything out. The cause of that fire? Plastic toys in a tupperware container. So! For the rest of my life, I will check the oven at least three times before turning it on.

And yes! I still do the photography thing and I'm not afraid to link it.