Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How Henry Became a Huck.


Henry's real name is William.

As in, his name middle name is Henry and his first name is William. Sometimes I feel bad that we are calling him by his middle name, but mostly I don't because my real name is Elisabeth and whenever I write my name in a letter or email to someone, I have to remember whether I knew the recipient in a time I called myself Elisa or Lissa- they sound the same, but they're spelled different (full disclosure: Lissa is the easiest one to go by because the spelling of Elisa is super confusing and Elisabeth is super long). Henry is easy to spell and I've been pretty shocked at how many people I've heard of that go by their middle names (Brad Pitt! Mitt Romney! My Mother in Law!), so it's not like we've done anything crazy like spelling his name Henree or Henriiiii or Rhenry with a silent "R", which is good because we don't live in Utah anymore.

But! Of all the nicknames this little man with the fuzzy hair wears, he wears the name "Huck" like a champion. We call him William Henry Harrison and Huckleberry and Hen and Henny and Little Fuzz and Baby Bear and Indiana Jones and Sir Farts a Lot, too, but Huck? Huck! That short and sweet little name has become the name synonymous with the sweet little face above. It fits him like a glove and a thick sweater in winter and flip flops in the summer. It's his name and, at five months, he wears it well.

Also Andrew? He's a sneaky one. Three weeks ago, I sat on the couch chattering about how weird it was that everyone besides me only called Henry by his nickname and then Andrew started laughing because one of the main reasons he picked the name Henry was because he wanted a boy named Huck.

And that boy named Huck? He's got him for good (and me, too. I've got Huck for good, too).