Monday, March 11, 2013

The Bat Shoes.

On Friday night, we went to Kohl's on a mission. Yes! Kohl's! The very place I swore I would never buy clothes from once I left my parent's house but somehow ended up with my sole store-only credit card as soon as my (first) little blondie took his first step. We'd seen an ad for 40% off Imaginex toys (you haven't missed it! It's still going on!), so we thought it would be fun to buy Max a Bat Boat since he owns basically every Batman toy in America.

We got there, couldn't find the Bat Boat, convinced Maxwell that he didn't really want the Riddler's van because it would be more fun to get dinosaurs for Batman and Robin to ride across town on (this was harder to convince him than I ever imagined possible) and then we started strolling around the store. We got to the shoe section, parted ways (me with Huck, Andrew with Max) and then three minutes later, Andrew started hollering for us to come check out Max's shoe size. Max has always been hard to fit for shoes- one of the two reasons he mainly wears Converse is because they let in thick and tall feet, the other is because they are awesome- but it turns out ALL of Max's shoes were two sizes too small. Two Sizes! He's been wearing a size seven for nine or ten months, but he's a size nine.

And that's when the quest for the Batman Converse began.


See, earlier last week, Andrew told Max that if he calmed down about something horribly traumatic like naptime or dropping his blanket in the car or leaving the park, he'd pick him up some Batman shoes. Yes, we resort to bribery in this house. So! Max was dead-set on Batman shoes, only there were not Batman shoes to be found. Superman? Check. Spiderman? Check. Neon velcro shoes that looked like Reeboks but weren't? Check and Check. We left Kohl's, drove a half mile away to the nearest Famous Footwear, and couldn't find anything there, either. I mean, we found honking huge Avenger's shoes, but no way was Andrew (or I!) going to let Maxwell walk around with normal kids shoes, especially when he turned his nose up to them.

Anyway, like normal parents, we came home, looked up Converse shoes and found Robin shoes, Joker shoes, and basically a hundred other kids shoes that didn't have Batman on them. We decided the Joker would have to do, but there weren't any Joker, size nine, shoes left. Then my husband was a genius, looked up Journey's online, and we found the last pair of size nine Batman shoes in the state (that's an exaggeration- but it's what it felt like!). So! The next morning, I called and put the shoes on hold (seriously, I have now become the mom who calls ahead to put shoes on hold which means I'm definitely a mom now), and then we went to the mall with a little Batman-clad two-point-five year old to pick up some Batman shoes.

He. Was. Thrilled.
(as obvious by the photo above)

We tried those suckers on, Max's face lit up like a million fireworks, and then we walked around the mall so that Max could wave to everyone who called out "Hey, Batman!". It was the perfect Saturday morning. And yes! He is carrying a tiny Joker and a tiny Batman in the photo above. Max is nothing if not dedicated.

PS. We also bought him the cutest pair of Nike's (his first!) that he calls "my running shoes".
PPS. He's been sleeping in his shoes.