Friday, April 19, 2013

Let's Talk For a Minute About Chaos.

First off- my six month old?

The one with this face and the smile that crinkles his nose and sends arrows of love straight out of his heart and into the very soul of the person looking at him?


He crawls.

What?!?! Everyone told me that things would go faster with a second child but, really, nothing could have prepared me for how fast it goes. I've already had one failed attempt trying to convince Andrew to jump on the bandwagon for baby number three as soon as possible, but for some reason, he thinks a third baby wouldn't be wise and would probably make me lose my sanity (which is completely true and, to clarify, I made it five and half months before squealing "I want annnnnother!!!" which is, like, really good for me. I love babies.).

Anyway! This kid crawls! Granted, he mostly crawls backwards, but earlier this week I started catching him sitting up and, this morning, he finally sat up in front of me. Like, "Oh hey, Mom! Yes! This is how I've been transitioning from a crawling to sitting position this week!". Also, his hair? It looks like the above picture all the time unless he's in the bath and if he's in the bath, well, he's usually gnawing on a dinosaur or repetitively dunking a Batman toy so his hair doesn't really matter then. Henry is probably the chillest person I have ever met in my entire life, but I am one thousand percent certain he is going to be sneaky in the way only a seriously handsome little boy can be sneaky. Cause this one? Pretty sure he's going to be a bonafide Casanova by the time he's five since, well, he already kisses.

As for our firstborn.


All this kid wants to do is play pretend. He loves to be a robot and right now he is running around pretending to be a puppy. He hardly ever leaves the house without a Batman cape and refuses to call Henry by his name- he calls him Robin instead. He has SO much imagination and, frankly, is absolutely exhausting to keep up with. We read books every day and today I tried our first "big boy book" (code: Magic Finger by Roald Dahl) and we made it twenty pages in! I am so excited for him to grow and to read all kinds of amazing stories. He also has more toys than any child in a two bedroom apartment ever should, loves to watch shows on my phone, and is currently saying "I'm a dog!" while trying to drink water hands-less out of the bowl I just gave him (and no, he won't be able to bring that bowl to dinner). He is exactly how I pictured how he would be and we wouldn't change anything about him except for the fact that he never sleeps. Homeboy sleeps less than ten hours a day!

Us (3 of 1)

Then there's me and Andrew. We are pretty much the same as we always have been. I am needy and annoying and emotional and really funny. He is supportive and the nicest person on Earth and is always reading something and is always thinking about politics and has switched his focus to LDS History and is still the best dad who has ever lived. I bought him Little Shop of Horrors the other day when I went to Target (by myself!) the other day. We watched it once the boys went to bed and he loved every second of it. I hadn't seen the move in a long time, but knew it gave me nightmares as a kid. Yep, still hate it. I watched it for him, though!

Oh! Last month, we almost moved to Salt Lake City but in the end, we stayed here instead. Andrew was pretty let down and I was relieved I didn't have to pack up our family. I'd love to blog here more but I just haven't made time for it. Andrew and I only have a few hours together every night (and that's only if we stay up until at least midnight) and since I have a child attached to me from seven until nine every day and since Henry is mostly still in the bed, my chances for family blogging usually lose out with my chances to work. I've been shooting up a storm and have been getting increasingly better (and increasingly obsessed) at photography and we are excited to see where it eventually goes! I am hoping to start teaching workshops sometime in the future and I'm realllly hoping to get into outdoor newborns this summer, but don't really know anyone who is pregnant, so we will see how that goes!

/end rambles written over the course of two hours.