Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday Morning at the Library

Library-1Library-8 Library-10Library-11 Library-17 Library-24 Library-25 Library-18

Yesterday, we went to the library. This isn't anything new (insert chuckling emoticon), but this time around, Henry wanted in on the action. No baby stroller or baby carrier for him! Craft time was going on in the corner (don't worry, we participated later) and somehow Henry went from being happily held by his parents to pounding puzzle pieces on the table in, like, point-eight seconds flat. And holy moly- if we took those pieces away, he SCREAMED. If we took him off the table and put him on our laps, he SQUEALED.

I just put those in caps because when Henry screams or squeals, there's nothing nomal-toned about it. He started squealing when Andrew was upstairs and around the corner and Andrew could still hear him. When he squeals, he SQUUUUEEEEEAAAALS. It's really cute and also really loud and also super embarrassing in public- the kind of embarrassing that I wave off with a wave of my hand when someone makes eye contact like, "Oh, babies are so cute. He's not that loud, right? Look how cute his hair is!!" while secretly shaking in my boots because, well, it's not like babies have off buttons that put them straight to sleep.

So basically, if you don't want to look at the pictures I just posted or read the two paragraphs above, on Saturday morning, Henry became a library lover. An over-the-moon-cross-my-heart kinda library lover. The kinda library lover that really likes puzzle pieces and listens to library books at home, wide eyed and bushy tailed.

I hope he stays like that for the rest of his life.