Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Cabin Photos.

I found these tonight and they just made me feel all kinds of nostalgic.

These are from a Chandler family reunion a month before we got married. The reunion lasted for a weekend and, every night, we fell asleep on twin beds in the corner of a huge room that somehow kept scooting closer to each other while we held hands between them. I baked homemade bread the morning of our trip and, as we drove for several hours to the reunion, the sun set as I had my feet on the dash and we held hands and talked about all the future had in store for us. It was scary how fast we fell in love and committed to each other and my stomach twisted the entire weekend we were there. On one of the afternoons, we got into a pretty large argument and we sat on one of the beds in an enormous room filled with bunk beds and Andrew held me as I cried because he had hurt my feelings but also because I had become that girl who fell in love in an instant and was marrying someone I had known for only a few short months. I was so excited and so happy but also felt like cut and running because I'd never been good at being someone's girlfriend and I was terrified I'd make a horrible wife and I was absolutely petrified of marrying into a tight knit family that I was only meeting for the second time. Afterwards, we went out on a walk in the woods and held hands and talked until our lungs hurt and we ate more of the homemade bread leftover from our trip and, that night, I slept in one of his shirts and made him wake up whenever I woke up in the middle of the night because I didn't want to be the only person awake in an enormous cabin filled with more people than I could ever count. We'd whisper and laugh and, when he fell asleep first, I'd pull his hand even closer to me and think about how, for the rest of our lives, this was how things were going to be- minus sleeping in separate beds and minus the other thirty-five people in the room.

Our non-married life is a blip in our lives together, but it sure was a sweet time.

IMG_0118 IMG_0111 IMG_0110