Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Henry and the Never-Ending List of Allergies

Michelle and Leah-3

When Henry was born, he had the absolute softest skin I had ever felt in my entire life. His cheeks were like packaged clouds with a side of marshmallows or something else amazing because, truthfully, they felt like heaven. Then, around two months, they started getting a little rough and, by four months, they were a hot mess of eczema. It was terribly sad and broke my heart. I tried everything- over the counter creams, prescription creams, cutting different things out of my diet, second opinions by second doctors- and nothing worked. I couldn't even talk about it so, last month, I scheduled an appointment with an allergist to check and see if Henry was allergic to anything.

Turns out, our little talker is allergic to eighty percent of the grocery store.
Peanuts! Milk! Eggs! Soy! Wheat!

Our little poofy-haired boy is allergic to every single one of them. Sad, right? They said the stricter we are, the more likely he is to grow out of the allergies, so now-a-days all we eat is lots of corn tortillas and black beans and plain cooked meat and rice and steamed vegetables. Luckily, we don't have to avoid wheat entirely, so I did get a little crazy and ate a sandwich last Friday and, yesterday, I ate a hamburger with bacon on it which, honestly, made me feel a little guilty, even though we don't have to monitor wheat like eggs (and eggs! They are in everything).

And it turns out that giving up peanut butter m&m's isn't that big of a deal when it means that your baby's scratchy (and sometimes oozy and always bright red) cheeks return to their heavenly, cloud-like state. Love this boy!