Friday, May 10, 2013

Huck at Seven Months.

Henry-3 Henry-2

Seven Months?!?!?!?!
How did we get here already?

Days with our little Hucklebuck go a lot like this:

Bed Invasions + Nursing at least once every two hours (!!!) + Refusing baby food from Mom + Loving baby food from Dad + Stalking Napoleon to pull his hair + Knocking over Max's breakfast + Long morning naps + No afternoon naps + Lots of giggles + Constant babbles + Swinging in the swing after too much excitement + Crawling after Max + Jumping in the jumper + Getting sat on by his brother + Pulling Napoleon's ears + Playing with Max's toys and thinking baby toys are lame + Sitting in his high chair banging measuring cups and spoons on each other + Long spring walks + Bath time with brother + Lots of photos + 8:30 Bedtime + Making people stop in the store + Eating his feet when Dad's not around + Looking at people through their eyes and straight to their hearts + Lunches with Daddy + Giving Mom heart attacks by always finding paper to eat + Kisses + More Nursing + Trying to stand up + Screaming if Max and Dad leave the room without him + Distracting mom from work and chores + Play dates at the park + Riding in the Ergo + Being the happiest and most gorgeous and most overly-adored baby in the whole world.

So yes! It's hard being a seven month old with the nickname of Huckleberry Finn, but somebody's got to do it.