Thursday, May 09, 2013

One of Those Annoying Posts

Y'know those really annoying posts on Mommy Blogger websites where the mom (that's me, in this scenario) posts a whole bunch of phone photographs taken by their precocious toddler?


Those posts always make me roll eye so hard. I mean, sure, it was probably cute the first time I saw a post like that, but is it cynical of me to think that sometimes bloggers instruct their kids how to take a photograph on their phone? Perhaps? Probably not?


I kept getting notifications that I didn't have any memory on my phone anymore and, when browsing my photos, I found 300 photographs like the ones below plus fifty black rectangles. It's been a week or so and I've held out posting these, but I can't help myself!

IMG_5180 IMG_5233 IMG_5292 IMG_5305 IMG_5320

I guess that's what I get for giving my toddler my phone when he won't sleep during naptime. All this time, I've thought he was watching Dragon Tales on Netflix and Jake the Pirate on PBS Kids when really he was taking selfies while wearing a Batman cape.

At least he's not sporting duck lips?