Monday, June 24, 2013

Four Years!

Love Kiss-13

Tomorrow is our four year anniversary! And this past year has been crazy. Here's a few of my favorite photographs from the our fourth year of marriage! (Absolutely not in chronological order. I'm not touching that with a ten foot pole.)

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When Andrew and I had been dating for two weeks, we went to the Open House for the Draper Temple. We barely knew each other and I don't remember the drive up to Draper or what day of the week we went but I do remember that I was the one to suggest that we go and that we brought along my roommate, Kendra, because Kendra and I did most everything together when Andrew and I met (she was the sweetest girl).   It was snowing outside when we arrived and, as we walked through the tour, I caught a glimpse of Andrew and I holding hands in a mirror and I felt like a lightning bolt had gone through my entire body. I snuck another glance before we passed the mirror and my heart just felt like a big pile of gooey love and I felt absolutely giddy because that was the moment that I knew. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was going to marry Andrew. I didn't know when I would marry him and I didn't know what temple I would marry him in, but I knew that one day I would be his wife and that he would be my husband. Honestly, I felt a little shocked but I also felt uncontrollably giddy.

When we left the temple, it had started snowing and we walked back to the bus with our arms around each other. As the bus drove us back to our cars, I listened to Andrew talk about how much his family loved Chipotle (which led to a trip to Chipotle, complete with a take-out order for Matt) and I blushed the whole time because, in that lightning bolt moment, everything had changed for me. When Andrew talked about his family, I knew he was talking about my future family and, honestly, I just wanted to know everything about him. I wanted to know what he was like as a baby (towheaded with crazy hair just like Henry's) and I wanted to know why he didn't like chocolate but loved sugar (he just doesn't) and I wanted to know about his high school friends (they liked to play Dungeons and Dragons) and I wanted to know about the first time he went to a concert (The Turtles) and I wanted to know why he bought himself a scooter instead of a car (he wanted to, plus a scooter was cheaper than a car) and I wanted to know about his first kiss (age 16, Taylor OR if we're getting super specific age 5, Jillian) and I wanted to know what he looked like with long hair (dreamy but also kinda a little unkept when it gets too long) and I wanted to know whether or not he liked kids (as if he has a choice- we can't go anywhere without a child trying to befriend Andrew. Like, sometimes we leave places because kids won't leave him alone. ha!) and I just wanted to know everything.

And y'know what the best part of that is? I still don't know everything about Andrew. I never will. There's always so much more to learn. There are so many facets to one soul and I absolutely love that I will spend my life learning about Andrew because he is just the best. He makes me crazy in both good and bad ways, but he is absolutely the best.

Four years ago, I fell asleep next to my sister in a queen sized bed in a bedroom with the perfect view of the Nauvoo Temple as my wedding dress hung on the door next to me and, even though it was supposed to be the most nerve wracking night of my life, I slept through the night, spent the morning getting ready, and then walked hand in hand with my husband-to-be to the temple as he held my wedding dress high in the air so that it wouldn't touch the ground. And four years ago, I would have laughed and probably rolled my eyes if someone told me that we would be living in Arkansas with a nearly-three-year-old and a nearly-nine-month-old (who is going on, like, age seventeen) but I also would have been secretly delighted because from the time I met Andrew, this is all I really wanted. All I really wanted was to be with him and see where the world took us.

And that is exactly what we are doing.

PS. That lightning bolt moment when I knew we were going to end up together? Andrew had it then, too.