Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Half a Year Late

This year, I skipped out on our yearly video I always make on Andrew's birthday. I opened the program, created a new project, and left it vacant until this morning. Last night, Henry was up from two until six and Max wandered around the apartment aimlessly and sleepily for a good hour in there too and I am beat. But! Instead of sleeping while they are sleeping, I finally put this together. Honestly, I'd forgotten about it, but after watching some family videos last night and seeing how happy everyone looked and how much I loved the videos, I remembered and didn't want to forget.

Andrew and I are about to celebrate four years of marriage and this little slice of video covers the year he was twenty-five. I love that we met on a date that's easy to remember. Otherwise, these videos never would have happened.

So basically I am just saying that I really, really love family videos and love these silly, slapped together montages even more. And yeah, the song doesn't fit at all, but I like it anyway.

Also, yes, I did gain an enormous amount of weight after Henry was born.
The mini pill is never a smart move, my friends. Stay. Away.