Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just Some Instagrams as of Late

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Yesterday, Max and I had a conversation that went kinda like this:

Me: "Hey Max, what's your name?"
Max: "Max."
Me: "What's your last name?"
Max: Silence
Me: "Chandler"
Max: Silence
Me: "Your name is Max Chandler. Can you say it?"
Max: "Max Chan-er"
Me: "Good job! What's Henry's name?"
Max: "Huck-ta-ble"
Me: "What's Daddy's name?"
Max: "An-joo"
Me: "What's Mommy's name?"
Max: "Babe"


Also, maybe more importantly, on Monday night between intense, messy crying jags where I stained my husband's favorite t-shirt with snot and tears, I cheated on our crazy Henry diet and ate three slices of pepperoni pizza. Best meal of my life.

And more importantly than that, Max started swimming lessons yesterday and that kid is a crazy and also got really tired of me holding him in the water (it's a child + parent class) and basically just wanted to run and jump in the pool five hundred times in a row so the instructor let him. And today? Andrew's in charge of swimming lessons... even though he conveniently "forgot" his swimsuit at home today.

And probably most importantly of all, Henry's eczema is almost completely gone in less than forty eight hours of being dog free.