Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Max as a Baby

I should write lots of sap because it's our anniversary (hooray!!), but instead I will share what I am still laughing at:


Yesterday, Maxwell walked into the bathroom as I was showering and said "I used to be a baby and you would feed me with your BOOB and then I would CRY and then I would SLEEP." and, aside from the breastfeeding remark, he acted every statement out. This kid of ours is ridiculous.

Also, my mother kept telling me eight or nine months ago that I would rue the day that I laughed whenever Max said the word "boob" and, eight or nine months later, I'm thinking she might be right. Homeboy mentions boobs at least three times a day and waits for me to laugh after he says it every time... which I usually do because I am super mature.

Annnnd that's enough Internet embarrassment for Max for today.
Except! Just FYI: I am the only person in the world who calls Max "Maxwell". Just like everyone calls Henry "Huck" and I switch things up most days. Being a mom is kinda awesome, right?