Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Swimming Lessons on June 25th.

On the evening of our fourth anniversary, we weren't sitting at a fancy hotel or reading each other love poetry or Instagramming fish-lipped selfies to each other, either. Instead, I sat poolside with our youngest while Andrew paddled our oldest around for swim lessons and it was blazing hot out and it looked something like this:

Swim Lessons-1 Swim Lessons-2 Swim Lessons-3 Swim Lessons-4 Swim Lessons-6 Swim Lessons-5 Swim Lessons-7

During the lessons, Andrew told Max to swim like Aquaman and he was surprised to hear Max's sweet little voice say this:

Max: "Aquaman swims alone."
Andrew: "Swimming alone would be breaking the rules."
Max: "Aquaman breaks the rules."

Annnnd here's the part where I tell you that until six months ago, I didn't even know there was a super hero named Aquaman but now I know the colors of his super hero outfit (orange and green!) and he also has his very own sound effects for the Super Hero version of Wheels on the Bus.

As for our anniversary celebration, we wound up at a local Mexican restaurant that is super good but also always has flies flying around and Max pushed the table so hard it almost fell over and then Henry pulled the paper out of the tortilla chip bowl (yet somehow managed to keep all the chips in the bowl) and we asked for the check early because, well, that's what you do when you have two children under three, especially when they are nearing bedtime. We came straight home and Andrew forgot my love letter and my flowers and I shrugged and said it was okay because I forgot to buy new lingerie and, shortly after our children went to sleep, I fell asleep on Andrew and then he tried to carry me to bed while I was sleeping so I could get some rest but I woke up and then Henry started screaming, so he joined us in bed, too, and we slept like that until the morning. And I know that sounds like the most boring anniversary on the face of the planet (and, in some ways, it totally was), but some years are just like that. And really? I wouldn't have changed a thing. Otherwise, I would have hired a babysitter and we would have skipped swimming lessons and we would have gone and done something amazing and gorgeously memorable but instead we had a pretty normal evening with our children and when I said "Sorry our anniversary was so lame." Andrew replied and said he loved it which made me love him just a little bit more than I had five minutes before.

Hellooooo, year five.