Monday, June 17, 2013

Today is the Day We Gave Away Napoleon.

Today is the day we had to give away Napoleon.

A week and a half ago, I called the allergist because I hadn't heard the final results from Henry's blood test. They went through the list like they had before but when they got to the very top of the most severe allergies, "dog" was ranked up with peanuts and eggs. I stopped the nurse and made her repeat the list as I stared at our dark eyed puppy who was sitting on my feet and my heart fell to the floor. We love Napoleon and wanted him to stay in our lives for his entire life and today I have cried more than I ever thought was possible to cry over a non-human, but my heart honestly shattered when I handed him over to a nice family with a nice child Max's age that I had picked out of a dozen emails sent in less than an hour because they had just lost their Shih Tzu and because the little boy asked for their lost dog every morning.


We will miss this face and his yappy barks and the way he was always asleep on the bed with us when we woke up in the morning and the way he was my constant shadow for two entire years and the way that Henry would grab all his fur and bury his head in it and the way Max would boss him around and the way that he would steal stuffed animals out of the boys room and put them in his crate and the way he would prance around like his namesake and the way that he would run out of the front door and make us furious by dancing around the parking lot and the way the he was the perfect dog for us, even though he'll be sleeping in some other little boy's room from now on and greeting another family with a happy dance every time they come through the door.

Honestly, I have had a feeling that this was coming for months. When dogs didn't show up on Henry's skin test, I could have done cartwheels because I was certain I'd go in and he would be allergic to dogs. Andrew and I have gone back and forth on this issue so much lately but, in the end, we didn't feel right keeping a dog in the house when one of our children had a severe allergy to him. He was spending more time in his crate and he wasn't allowed next to Henry but he and Henry crawled all over each other all the time and, well, this situation has been so hard and will be incredibly hard (for me) for a long time. We will miss our little puppy.

And I have officially become one of those girls who spills their feelings about their dog all over the internet but dangit, this little dog of mine had a huge piece of my heart and I wish so hard that there was a way we could have kept him.