Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Just Some Paragraphs.


Right now, it's just me and this dude.

Or really, it's just me because the stinker pictured above is down for an early, much needed nap. He was absolutely appalled when I put him in his crib less than a half hour ago. His face turned red, tears streamed down his baby cheeks and he probably cursed the skies for being born to such a mean mom, but then he fell asleep with his diapered booty in the air and his hand clutching a teething toy and is currently snoozing like a sailor. He's teething like crazy right now- he'll have eight teeth when these three finally break through- and I feel so bad for him but not bad enough that I'll hold him when he needs to fall asleep, especially since I held him most of last night.

But! I wasn't going to write about teething.

Right now, it's just me and Huck. On Sunday, when we started packing our bags to head back to Fayetteville, Max kinda looked like Henry did twenty minutes ago- red face, sloppy tears, fists in the air- as he had a full fledged panic attack when we told him he needed to say goodbye to his Nana Cait. "I don't want to go home!" he screamed. "I want to stay with my Nana Cait!" he screamed louder. So, he did! He stayed with Nana Cait and, in a little over twenty-four hours, he has already been given a new Batman toothbrush and Avengers toothpaste and a snake shirt where the tongue flaps. Which means that he is in three year old heaven. Our boy loves staying with his Nana and he hadn't done so in nearly a year. We won't talk about how many times I've talked to my mom since Sunday night (Six? Seven? plus two Face Times), but I know he is having a blast and that it's good for him to be away from his parents every now and then.

Which brings me to Henry. Yesterday, he went in for his nine month check up and he is a tall boy with a big head and average weight and he's socially and developmentally advanced which means he's going to be a social butterfly (Wait! He already is!). The doctor watched him move around the room for several minutes and she laughed and said that he was going to be a linebacker when he grew up and that he'd probably take his first steps in the next few weeks (What?!!?) because of the way he gets all over the place and I left the office feeling pretty awesome because, after two months of constantly worrying about whether or not Henry has enough to eat, it was nice to know that he's definitely not losing.

Speaking of, the allergy thing has actually been really hard and almost all consuming for me. We're getting used to it and I've been allowed to go back on wheat, soy, and milk while I'm nursing (no negative reactions for Huck yet!), but Henry still nurses for a good 95% of his diet and I am sore all over and really tired. I strongly believe that breastfeeding is the best thing for him, especially with all of his allergies, so it's worth it, but I'm pretty wiped and extremely thirsty all the time. We're slowly figuring out food for him- he loves bananas and loves gluten free, dairy free pancakes and he also loves black beans and corn and rice and squeals whenever I bring out fruity (wheat free!) Cheerios- so things are getting better but I'm still kinda reeling about the whole thing. Obviously, allergies are pretty low on the scale of tough child things to deal with, but it's just been hard to find all new recipes and breakfasts and snacks are the worst and it can be extremely frustrating to spend an hour and a half at the grocery store and, after reading labels, only come out with five or six items. But! Things are looking up.