Sunday, July 14, 2013

Little Swimmer + Mr. Wants To Swim

Boys Swim-9 Swimming-1 Swimming-2 Swimming-3 Swimming-4 Swimming-5Swimming-6Boys Swim-8 Swimming-7 Swimming-8 Swimming-9 Swimming-10 Swimming-11

When we were at my parents' house for the Fourth of July, my dad came home with the pool pictured above. When he walked in, Max saw the still-packaged pool, flexed his arms and squealed, "MY POOL!!!". He was thrilled and he stayed thrilled for the next two days, even though the water somehow stayed chilled despite the ninety-degree weather. Henry tried the pool out and hated it because it was so cold, but he loved crawling around while Max swam (his knees, didn't love the cement, of course, and took lots of lotion to return to their normal state). These two are just funny. And maybe I would write more, but Andrew is watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix right now and it's hard to write when I can hear Marshall and Ted being hilarious in the background.

Soooo... End Post.