Monday, July 01, 2013

Max is THREE!!!

Max is three today! I know I am the biggest broken record in the history of broken records, but I cannot believe that he is three whoppin' years old and I cannot believe that he has gone from this:

First Time in the Shopping Cart!

To this:

Christmas Time-129
IMG_3330 33
IMG_4307 107

Max is the funniest child. Honestly, photographs do not do this kid justice and video doesn't, either. He is funny and kind and always the first to smile and SO fast to laugh and he is crazy passionate (about super heroes and, well, more super heroes and also vanilla yogurt) and loves picking out his own clothes and loves sleeping on his huge bed (the two daybed mattresses put together) and he loves to give hugs and loves to eat pancakes and hamburgers and has this enormous zeal about his entire being. He loves having friends and playing at the park and going swimming and he adores his nursery leaders and swimming teachers and loves to spend hours at the library and loves pushing Henry around in the stroller. He is crazy imaginative and says "Hello!" to everyone we walk by- whether it's at the airport or at church or at the pool or on a walk or, I don't know, while eating lunch at Chick-fil-a- and he just loves. He is crazy loving and his favorite person is his dad. I mean, he loves me and we are definitely close and nothing makes him happier than making Huck laugh, but he loves falling asleep on his dad and playing super heroes with his dad and he loves just spending time with our entire family and lights up something fierce whenever his dad comes home- especially if he brings home mail. When he gets excited, his whole body wiggles and he flaps his arms around and covers his mouth and his eyes squint a little as he squeals and he is always quick to say "I love you Mommy!" and he loves making himself breakfast in the morning. It doesn't matter whether or not I've cooked a huge breakfast already or whether we're running late and I haven't had a chance to pull anything out, but every morning he slides a chair up to the counter and pulls out a bowl and then opens the fridge and pulls out yogurt or opens the pantry and pulls out cereal and and then walks up to the fridge and pulls out milk and then he walks up to me and says "Breakfast?!!" in an excited voice and then when I respond with "What do you say?", he says "Breakfast please, Mommy!" and I pour him cereal or give him some yogurt even if I have a hot plate of pancakes on the counter because I know he'll it all both anyway.

Recently, he's claimed our tiny hallway as his playroom and sets up his Bat Cave, his Gotham Jail, his Joker House and (as of today!) his Fortress of Solitude along the closet door and will sit there for hours if I let him. He has every Imaginext toy available and loves them so much that, a few days ago, he packed a backpack of toys for an outing and, when we got there, Andrew opened the bag and it was swollen with superheroes just waiting to be played with. He also loves watching Indiana Jones and Star Wars but he also really loves Word Girl and Dinosaur Train (still!) and nothing makes him happier than when we have a picnic on the floor for dinner with the TV playing his favorite shows.

He still likes wearing mismatched shoes and he loves to have control over his entire wardrobe (meaning he is still refusing to wear the cutest cut offs I have ever seen- probably because he saw me cut the jeans off and was absolutely furious with me as I did so) and he is just awesome. I have so much love for this boy and his heart of gold and his gorgeous smile and bright blue eyes and, even when he smells absolutely teenage boy-ish with a mix of sunscreen and applesauce after a long day of playing in the sun, I can't help but just squeeze him and annoy him by kissing him all over his rosy cheeks and no-longer-pudgy arms.

Maxwell is absolutely amazing and we are so, so lucky that he is ours.