Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Max's Third Birthday

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Max Birthday-25

Max's third birthday was the first birthday where he knew it was a birthday. For several days leading up to it, he'd stop whatever he was doing and squeal "Is it my birthday?!?!" and would dance around whenever a package would come in and would say he wanted to go to the store to pick out his birthday toys and, really, he was just all about his birthday and how awesome it was going to be. And it was! It was awesome. It started off with a midnight breakfast which is my favorite tradition but, after this year, will probably be axed because from 8-12 the next morning when I hoped everyone would be chipper and happy from excitement, everyone was grumpy and cranky. We tried naps and new books and everything under the sun I could think of but in the end all that worked was heading to Chick-fil-a for lunch and milkshakes and having a snake fight at our little table (pictures above). Then we went mini golfing which Maxwell absolutely adored and, when Andrew came home, the boys went swimming and I napped with the baby. Then we had cookie cake and hamburgers and presents and watched superhero cartoons and let Max party with his new Fortress of Solitude until ten at night. He was giddy the entire day and I just am so happy that he is turning out to be such an infectious little boy. We just adore him- cranky birthday mornings and all.

PS. David you are invited to every birthday that Maxwell ever has because you are, like, the most rockin' uncle in the history of awesome uncles. We LOVE you!