Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Orleans!

We spent this Friday in New Orleans and it was wonderful. We went to two different beignet places (note to self: the beignets at Cafe Du Monde do not have eggs in them so, next time, I don't have to sit there and sip a cup of water while ignoring the pastries all over the table), learned that it really isn't the best idea to walk down Bourbon Street with babies right before the sun sets, took an early afternoon carriage ride through the downtown area, went swimming, spent a morning at the aquarium and, best of all, went on a ghost tour in the French Quarter that was incredibly fun. I am a total ghost story girl. Like, I am a huge believer in ghosts and love getting my socks scared off by harmless ghost stories, but I married a man that has zero belief in ghosts, so going on this tour was basically a dream, especially because it was Andrew's idea. I loved it!

I actually didn't take any real photographs of the downtown area, but did take a few shots with my phone.


Our trip to the aquarium was a raging, crazy success. Right before we left the hotel, I found Henry sitting by a trash can covered in eggs with eggs in his mouth. He's super allergic to eggs, so he broke out all over his cheeks and just wanted to be held for most of the morning and I was tempted to stay home at the hotel with him or, y'know, speed off to the closest emergency room after sticking him with his Epipen, but luckily his reaction wasn't severe and he was pretty chipper by the time we left the aquarium. So! He's not in a lot of these photographs, but he loved staring at the otters and being parked in his stroller in front of colorful fish. As for Max, he was so excited that he made me cry a few happy tears while walking under a tunnel of fish and stingrays. Max's personality is pretty infectious and I have been dying to take him to an aquarium for ages and I was (and am!) extremely pleased that he loved it even more than I imagined he would.

Aquarium -2 Aquarium-1 Aquarium-5 Aquarium-11 Aquarium-12 Aquarium-6 Aquarium-1-2 Aquarium-7 Aquarium-4 Aquarium-3-2 Aquarium-2 Aquarium-2-2 Aquarium-8 Aquarium-13
Aquarium-3 Aquarium-5 Aquarium-4 Aquarium-1 Aquarium-3 Aquarium-14 Aquarium-7 Aquarium-10

And as for the ghost tour! I was actually a little scared to go on this because now that I'm an old married lady with two kids, I don't really love haunted houses like I used to and I've never really liked when people jump out at me. I'd heard that in some ghost tours, people jump out at you and they're kinda scary, but we went on a Ghost and Vampire tour and it was honestly one of the highlights of our entire vacation. I loved it! We walked around the French Quarter in a fairly small group in the dark and the tour guide told us lots of historical stories about different houses and then about the hauntings that occur in the houses. Some of the houses were seriously creepy and others were just fun to see and hear about. I've already said it like three times, but I loved it! I don't really indulge my ghost-story-loving side any more but I have always loved reading historical ghost story books and when I worked at the library in high school, I spent a lot of time in the stacks reading books about Southern Hauntings and in college I read a lot about European Hauntings, so this was a blast for me, as if my facial expressions below don't show that enough.


Annnnnd to top it all off, while driving home Saturday morning, I read reviews of the hotel we stayed at and there were reviewers saying they'd never go back because it was haunted.


So basically those reviews made my New Orleans experience five hundred times better. I mean, if you're going to stay in New Orleans, you may as stay in a mildly haunted hotel, right?