Monday, July 08, 2013

The Fourth!

Our Fourth of July this year was pretty stellar and I'm going to go ahead and prove that with photographs and words (photographs first).

The Fourth-8
The Fourth-1 The Fourth-3 The Fourth-2 The Fourth-5 The Fourth-29 The Fourth-6 The Fourth-7 The Fourth-9 The Fourth-10 The Fourth-11 The Fourth-14 The Fourth-15 The Fourth-30 The Fourth-13

In full disclosure: Last year's Fourth of July was absolutely, positively lame. I laid on the couch like an enormous pregnant lady (oh wait! I was an enormous pregnant lady!) and we watched movies and while I waited to watch Pretty Little Liars, I read whole bunch of threads on GOMI because I'd recently discovered it and read it all the time. Honestly, it was kinda nice but it was also horrendously boring and I decided that we would never stay home for a Fourth of July again. So! This year! We headed up to Kansas City and hung out with the Bogart Crew. Max popped at least seven boxes of poppers and became more daredevilish with each one until he was throwing five or six or seven down at a time and then placing three or four next to his shoe and jumping on them. Isn't that kind of ridiculous? Three for three days and he's already a pyro. I guess he takes after his dad because it's not like I like fire or anything (that sentence was sarcastic, although Andrew likes fire more than I do).

Henry, on the other hand, scrunched his face up whenever we went out for fireworks (even in the day!) and screamed whenever something popped, so he mainly hung out inside and chased after the dogs whenever they escaped from the downstairs and then got passed around from person to person because he isn't allowed near dogs. Nerve wracking for me, awesome for him. He is the funniest little slip of a person and it has been amazing watching him grow the past nine months- the fourth was his nine month-iversary. Both boys hated the big fireworks, so I took them to bed where they both zonked out in less than three minutes (Huck never even made it outside!) while I sat on the bed.

Also, this is totally embarrassing, but the night before the Fourth, we watched a movie called Dark Skies (I believe... I am too lazy to look it up) and it scared me when I watched it and then Andrew and I spent the day laughing about it and then, as soon as I was alone at night with the fireworks going crazy all around, all I could think about was The Greys and getting abducted by aliens so I turned the bathroom light on and played Dots on my phone until I fell asleep. So basically I am really cool.

PS. Yes. My brother David did wear his snorkeling mask outside and then promptly asked me to take a photograph. The Fourth-4 How could I keep it stored on my computer without letting the world see it? I just couldn't. I thought about it. But I couldn't. Thanks for being awesome, D.