Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Scooter Gang.

Today was just one of those crazy days.

I mean, every day of my life lately is a crazy day, but today was just a little crazier than usual. Maxwell slept in until 8:15 (!!!) and it was absolutely delicious to stretch out in bed for an hour and a half longer than usual. I didn't even care when Henry woke up as soon as Andrew walked out the door, but part of that is because he looked like this:


Yes. He is totally sporting the clothes he wore the day before and if I am being totally honest, he is also sporting a pretty severe mullet here, too, but I don't have the heart to cut his hair yet. I'm not sure if this qualifies as child abuse, but I am pretty sure he is going to feel like it does when he looks back on his baby photographs in seventeen years. Or maybe thirteen years. I have no idea when teenage boys start accusing their moms of abuse via long haired mullets. Maybe at age eleven?

Moving on.

We took Max to the allergist and we were absolutely thrilled to find out that he doesn't have a single environmental (or food) allergy and we were bummed to find out that his asthma is so severe that the doctor told us we shouldn't put him in preschool since preschools spread viruses like crazy and Maxwell is the lucky kid who ends up in the emergency room for extra shots and breathing treatments whenever a virus breezes lazily over near him. I've been looking forward to having him go to preschool in the fall because he is so friendly, but I guess this just means I will have to be friendly to other moms and schedule more play dates for him. Or maybe I will just put him in soccer. I just want him to have lots of friends, y'know?

Anyway, after swimming lessons and dinner (I say "dinner" liberally because I told everyone to fend for themselves while I took a thirty minute break after pointing them towards a bag of tortilla chips, a bag of cheese, and a pot of chili that had been cooking in the crock pot all day- yes, I made chili in July but David requested it), we loaded up in the car and spent an hour driving Andrew's scooter around an abandoned elementary school parking lot. I am seventy-five percent sure that the elementary school is haunted and one hundred percent sure that it is a creepy building, but we had fun just the same- especially Max. He refers to the scooter as the Bat Bike so saying he was over the moon with happiness would be an understatement.

Bikers-1 Bikers-3

Annnnnd as I've been typing this, my brother David has been watching the show Merlin and says "Look!" every time something creepy pops up on the screen and now I'm going to be awake all night, especially because he started saying "Don't Look!" and, really, who doesn't look when someone says "Don't Look!"?

Also, no clue how he ended up in only one of these photographs because he was basically in every one I took tonight.