Monday, September 09, 2013


Tonight, we bought a fish named George.

Or, more precisely, we bought a blue beta fish at Pet Smart and, as we walked to the car and Maxwell clutched to the fish's food and water purifier, we asked him what he wanted to name his new pet and Max said "Doorge". 

"Thor?" Andrew asked.
"Torch?" I asked.
"No," Max said, "I want to name him Doorge. DOOR-ge."
"Oh, you want to name him George?" I asked.
"Huh?!" Andrew said at the same time as his eyebrows came together.
So, I looked at Andrew and said, "George. He wants to name him George."
And Max grinned the toothiest grin of toothy grins and said, "DOORGE! My fish is named DOORGE!"

Also, I can't write this post without two little shot outs.

One, to Mister Hucklebuck the First who nearly plummeted to his death from his father's arms when we turned down the aisle away from the fish tanks. Henry really wanted to buy every fish in the joint and, as Max aptly pointed out, he started freaking as soon as we turned away from the tanks.

And Two! All day Max told me that he was going to name his new pet fish "Dinosaur!" (Dinosaur, not ROAR, both of which were discussed this morning) and, as we drove to the store, he informed us that his Dinosaur fish was going to be named T-Rex. Not "The T-Rex", just T-Rex.

I have no idea where George came from, but Andrew and I are happy about this development because when George inevitably dies, we will be able to rename our second fish George the Second and our kids will maybe think it's the same fish as before, especially if George dies before his time. If you're going to have "First, Second, and Third" after your name, there really is no better name then George and, if you're a fish, mortality rates aren't exactly working in your favor (though I am crossing my fingers and toes that this fish will live for his 2-3 year life expectancy).

So! Welcome to the fam, little fish. Your tank is out of the reach of little hands, but don't be surprised when you find me or Andrew holding two little boys up to your tiny aquarium as you dart back and forth between your fern and Captain America figurine. Really, those little hands won't hurt you. At least probably not. Also, I am really tired.

So! Pictures! Two of them!

Black and White Day 16. George the Fish-1

PS. It has been nearly three months and I can say with complete sincerity that getting rid of Napoleon was absolutely one of the hardest things I have ever done in my entire life. We miss that little stinker who used to invade our bed every night and thought he owned the world. But! I don't miss Henry being sick all the time so a trade off is a trade off. Poor babies- they loved each other so much!