Sunday, September 15, 2013

These Two.

Just two of my three main men looking good after church.


I like to call the one below "No, Daddy, Noooooo!!"


I mean, the kid just wants to be kissed when he wants to be kissed (read: not in this photograph) and he really wanted to chase after the baby snake that Max was spellbound by as we took these photographs. Also, in Sunday School today, Henry learned how to throw his Little People Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and LDS Missionary (what a combo, eh?) across the room as hard as he could so that he could crawl after them as fast as his legs could carry him.

I really love eleven month olds. 
Also three year olds.
And also my husband. Ever since he was twenty-two. I can't believe we are coming up on our fifth year (dating!) anniversary but at the same time, I have a really hard time picturing my life without him and his nerdy, comic book reading ways so there's that. Love him, even when he's sitting on the couch in old pajama pants eating oatmeal out of a coffee cup as he procrastinates his homework.