Tuesday, September 10, 2013


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This afternoon, after coming home from lunch with Daddy and an hour of Max running around at the library (yep! we are that family!), we came home to a box at the door.

But first! A little back story. When packages come, Andrew often opens them with a butter knife. We've never talked about this with Max but, earlier this week, three or four packages came in during Henry's naptime. I work while Henry sleeps (Max usually destroys the living room in a massive war of Super Heroes or we build him a tent or he sits next to me and pretends to work on his computer... which usually ends with him sitting on my lap looking up animals), so I stacked the boxes behind me and kept working. Max got kinda quiet, though, so I turned and looked at the boxes and found him standing on top of all of the boxes with a plastic butter knife trying to open one of the cardboard boxes.

And here's the good part: He opened one of the packages! With a plastic butter knife!

So! When the package came today, I sat down to open it with Huck in my lap and Max squealed "A package for ME?!?!?", zoomed into the kitchen and then zoomed back to the living room, a pink, plastic, child knife in hand. We opened the box together and, when he found several toys from his Mimi and Grandpa, he danced around the entire apartment and, once Henry went to sleep, "shared" all of his Henry's toys with himself.

No worries, though, as soon as Henry woke up he "shared" Max's toys as well. And by sharing, I mean he chewed all of them up with his brand new (and eighth!) tooth. Also, he speed crawled out onto the patio today and, when I caught up with him, he was sitting in a chair. Homeboy would probably climb up a five story building with no ledges if we let him. And he'd grin the whole time he did it.