Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bath Bros.

These two.
These blonde haired, blue eyed, crazy guys.
They are becoming the best of friends.

Bath Bros-1 Bath Bros-2Bath Bros-5 Bath Bros-6

It has been amazing to watch Henry grow up with Max as an older brother. Max has always loved to call Henry "his baby" and loves talking about all of his baby ways but, this week, he has started calling him "My Little Kid" because now he can do things like walk and say "Go! Go! Go!" while playing with dinosaurs and "Vroom!" when playing with cars and, most importantly, he is really good at waving action figures in the air to make them fly. And Max loves it. And then he hates it. And then he loves it some more because the only thing worse than a brother who shares all your toys is when mom takes all the toys away unless everyone shares. So! Spoiler! We are getting really good at sharing at the Chandler house.

Except I'm still not very good at sharing blankets and, today, I ate a good chunk of the chocolate chip cookies all on my lonesome. But! At least I shared most of 'em!