Sunday, November 03, 2013

Halloween This Year.

This year, Max was The Flash and Henry was Yoda.
Andrew wore a Chewbacca shirt (however it's spelled!) and I wore a Robin shirt.
It looked like this:

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 9.48.05 PM Halloween-4 Halloween-14 Halloween-1 Halloween-15 Halloween-16

So! Anyway, photographs aside, our Halloween afternoon was incredibly crazy. For starters, Max and Henry had been swapping colds since Saturday night and, on Thursday, I was a hot mess (I use the term "hot" loosely) of a cold. The day had already been crazy- Max got to wear his costume to preschool, we parked by a (rank) dead bird at a parking lot and Max wouldn't stop talking about it all day, we met Andrew for lunch and afterwards we had a huge melt down in the super crowded candy aisle of Wal-Mart and, really, my kids were thrilled to Trick or Treat. Or at least Max was. Henry was just being Mister Sneakypants like usual.

I am getting away with myself.

My whole story is this: After a crazy day, I got the kids ready with thirty minutes to spare before heading to our friend's house. Our church's ward activity had been cancelled the night before because of rain and I was super excited to get the boys in their costumes and go. They took a long bath and then I put their costumes on. And they LOVED them! Max was flashing across the apartment, Henry was grabbing at his ears and laughing, and I was able to put makeup on without a child sitting on my foot.

And then! THEN!

I had the nerve to put on my Robin shirt.
The Robin shirt I bought when Henry was going to be Batman but before we realized all the Batman costumes were gone and I ordered a Yoda costume on Amazon instead.

The Robin shirt had a cape.

Now. I know not everyone is as well versed in superheroes as I have become in the past year, so I'll just tell you: The Flash doesn't wear a cape. So, when I put on a cape, there was some serious drama. Costumes were ripped off, tears were shed, socks were taken off, hairspray was wasted- I had a serious Halloween meltdown on my hands.

So. I took a deep breath, found Max's superman cape and his Batman boots and, by the time Andrew came home, I was pulling boots onto a new character called Super Flash- super for the cape and Flash for the rest of the outfit. And all was right in the world.

Except Henry's world. I made him wear the Yoda ears and I can honestly say I'll never regret it.
My boys are CUTE.
(And that includes you, Andrew C.)