Friday, November 15, 2013

It Goes So, SO Fast.


Lately, this kiddo is a Mama's Boy who walks into our bedroom every morning with his favorite blanket- the one my mom made me when I was three- and he rubs his sleepy eyes, hands the blanket to me, and climbs into bed until his little body is squished against mine. It always seems like he will, but he never goes back to sleep and instead starts grabbing my face and talking three miles a minute and, as much as I love it, some mornings it drives me crazy because I never get enough sleep but, somehow, every morning, he wins me over with his little smile and his excited voice and the way he says "I love you, too, Mama." and the way he squeals "No!!" when I ask him if he dreamed about dinosaurs fighting stars or penguins wearing tuxedos or zebras partying with lions.

He has brought three years and four months and two and a half weeks of magic into my life and those days have gone so fast and, you guys, it's going faster every day. I love this little man of mine. To put it lightly, he's a peach.

PS. A week or two ago, he stood in the living room wearing no shirt and a Wolverine mask and basketball shorts and bare feet and said "Oh Sh-t. Sh-t. Sh-t." There's a first time for everything, right? Even swears.