Sunday, November 17, 2013

Maximillian the Helper

Today, while Henry slept, we made cookies.
Max helped of course.


He LOVES making cookies and helping with dinner and with bringing extra bits of sunshine into our home (also dirt). But! He does not like behaving in church (homeboy almost got taken home today when he kept throwing fits and unfolding chairs during Sacrament Meeting) and he does not like cleaning up his messes, either. One of the most corner-inducing phrases in our house is "Mama! YOU clean it up! You clean up my mess!" because, really, he doesn't like chores but when you say "Will you help me?", he is all about helping. All. About. It.


Especially when it means wearing oven mitts and sneaking cookie dough.


Also, tonight after church, we watched a movie and he pulled out a brush and brushed my hair for at least twenty minutes. Annnnd my mama heart burst and burst a little more when he sat in front of me and let me comb his hair for ten minutes and then sat on my lap for another ten. He is the sweetest when he's not being extra naughty. And when he has had a super I'm-a-three-year-old-boy kinda day, he always makes up for it by going to bed early. So, really, that's a win for Andrew and I either way.

PS. Today, Henry went with me to Young Women's and cruised over, like, six different girl's laps and called each one Anna. Apparently someone knows what his aunt's name is (confession: she was the first person he walked to).