Monday, November 18, 2013


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Monday is not my favorite day of the week. I mean, I like it. It's alright. And, on some Mondays, we basically just wear our pajamas (or PAND-jamas as Maxwell likes to say) and the boys build block towers at my feet while I edit. But! On this Monday! I woke up, got dressed, dressed the boys, and then cleaned out my closet, the bookcases, did the laundry and the dishes, and then cleaned the fans, too.

You guys- I hate cleaning fans.
And our fans? They were past kinda-gross and had skipped all the way to plenty-gross.
Like, I had to get re-dressed after I cleaned them. It was a hot mess. The boys loved it.

Aside from cleaning, we had a play date (hooray!) and, during our post-playdate-errands, Maxwell crashed in the car. And here's the thing: Max always falls asleep in the car. Not every time we drive, obviously, but if it's in the afternoon and we drive for more than twenty minutes, he is completely, totally, and absolutely out. And Henry? Yeah... No. Henry will only sleep in complete darkness and refuses to take naps if something exciting is going on- and he thinks that something exciting is always going on. Like, no matter how dark we make his room or how much we rock him or how soft we make his blanket, he won't nap on the weekends when he knows Andrew is home and, also no matter what, he never sleeps in the car (unless it's total darkness and- you guessed it!- Andrew is not in the car). So! Today. We drove around after Maxwell fell asleep, picked up our main man when he beat us home (hello, Andrew!), drove to the store, and then Henry partied like an only child while Max slept for FOUR more hours until we finally woke him up at 8:00.

He's been watching TV and eating strawberries snuggled up to his Daddy ever since.