Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sir Huckles the Mischievous

Hey!-1 Hey!-2

So, here's the thing about Henry: I am never going to write enough about him.

Part of that is because he is my second child. I have been around this block before. Sure, the block is pretty different and, actually, nothing is really the same, but at the same time things ARE the same. A baby is a baby is a baby, y'know? I mean, sometimes you just can't say anything more or much of anything at all because all you really want to do is squeeze their cheeks over and over and over and kiss the wispy hair on the top of their heads and nibble on their tiny toes before, y'know, they become gross. Cause everyone has gross toes! Just not before they can walk.

But here's the main part of why I'll never write enough about Henry: Henry is just magic. He is the sweetest. He is a mama's boy with a golden heart and the most mischievous personality in the entire world. Max is my obedient child. He is ridiculously stubborn and super focused and super happy and, well, amazingly awesome, but also, he is my obedient child. On Friday, one of his friends came over and stood on our porch railing and Max just about blew a gasket telling him that "Climbing on the RAIL is not ALLOWED at MY house!!!" because, if I didn't mention it already, he is Sir Bossypants.

Love him.

Back to Henry: Henry has this little twinkle in his eye that just means he is going to be trouble. And he is trouble! First off- he will turn thirteen months tomorrow and he still doesn't walk. And it's not because he can't! I have seen him walk from one side of the kitchen to the other and I have seen him walk to me for chocolate chips. He has been cruising since he was seven months old and, still, he mostly just speed crawls everywhere and laughs at us when we try to coax him into walking- like, "Nice try, Mom, but why would I do that when you can hold me?". And I realize that what I just described isn't that mischievous, but what is mischievous is the way we find him standing on tables- last week Andrew found him sitting on my work table between my desktop and my camera bag full to the brim with equipment- and the way he just disappears. One second he's next to you and the next, he's vanished. When Max vanishes, you hear him. When Henry vanishes, you have to pray he wants to be found because he is like a freaking fox. He just disappears! It's seriously unnerving but also kinda awesome. I mean, maybe we are raising a ninja.

Besides that, he is smart. Today, he picked up a dinosaur and shouted "Go! Go! Go!" as he made it race across the chair (and, yes, this was at Sacrament Meeting and, yes, we were sitting in the very back of the overflow because, really, we never get anywhere on time now-a-days). His favorite toys are cars and more cars and then more cars and he also loves grabbing super hero action figures- not the Little People figures but Max's action figures- and making them fly in the sky over and over and over. He calls each super hero "Bah-Mah!" (translation: Batman) and screams "MAMA!!" whenever I walk away from him and will respond "Yes" to questions (and he means it!) and has started saying "Oh No!" and thinks that everything is a phone- especially his baby monster.

Also, he is the giggliest and has the softest skin and is just the most perfect child ever. I am going to miss his babyhood so hard when he gets older but, at the same time, I find comfort knowing that, even though I still miss Max as a baby with overwhelming force, I traded that baby in for a pretty rocking awesome three year old. And Henry will be the same way.