Sunday, February 23, 2014

Well, Those Four Months Went Fast.

Not gonna lie- I'm not even going to attempt to catch up on the past four months.

Just know this: They were crazy, they were busy, they were colorful, they were full of doctor's appointments and nails that needed to be clipped and disaster haircuts and eczema on little knees that was cured by wearing little girl leggings (not even joking). And, most honestly, they were filled with a ton of mom guilt about not documenting the every day.

You see- when I started writing this blog, it was for fun and when I started learning photography, that was for fun, too. What I didn't expect was that, in a few short years, I would get really, really good at photography and that I would enjoy photographing other people more than I enjoyed photographing my own children. Three years ago, I didn't know what it meant when someone said "1.8" in relation to a lens and I did not expect photography to consume my world like it has. I expected, like I expected growing up, that I would be a stay at home with a small hobby of taking photographs once in a while.

That's not what's happened.

And, truthfully, I believe that this was always how it was supposed to go- that I was supposed to become a wedding and portrait photographer in a big way, not a side business way. My business is still small and still has an enormous amount to grow but, from where Andrew and I are sitting, there are some extremely exciting things happening right now. It's taken a lot of late nights and lots of crying (from me, obviously) and lots of sacrifice that I never expected to make, but things are starting to unfold a little easier and, for that, I am incredibly grateful.

As for Henry? He is grateful for neon leggings and Dorito's because, well, a Henry without a messy face is anything but the Henry we have come to know and love (side note: he is the CRAZIEST and the cutest!!)

And Max? Well. See for yourself!

Happy Sunday!-4-2 Happy Sunday!-4

This is him singing "I am a Child of God". And, no, he can't play the ukelele at all but he sure can strum those strings while singing a primary song! Love him and the fact that he has looked exactly the same since his first birthday. He is the biggest gem and we can't get enough of him.

Sidenote: Andrew is obsessed with How I Met Your Mother.
Also, pretty sure I am about to make some chocolate chip cookies.