Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Morning and Thursday Night.

This morning, the boys partied with one of their favorite babysitters while I photographed a session at a greenhouse (well, finished a session at a greenhouse because, at the session last week, we got to the greenhouse and it was closed!!) and dropped off 500 bags of baby clothing off at Goodwill and it was only slightly embarrassing when they saw the messy trunk of my mom car.

Dropping off baby clothing is the worst because, at the moment, there's no reason to keep it but, at the same time, every time I put a piece of clothing in a donation pile, all I see are the fat legs and chubby cheeks and happy lips and blonde hair that used to live in those clothes. I mean, I kept lots of outfits, of course, because I would love to have another little boy one day but we just don't have the space to keep everything. These kids are just growing up so fast!

Case in point: Henry photobombed Andrew and I yesterday.

Photo. Bombed.

photo 1-2 photo 2-3

Anyway, this little guy threw up twice today so we're inside for the rest of the night... which would have happened anyway because, as I put Huck down for a nap, I came back out to a living room full of blankets and a box of toys thrown all over the floor because Max had made a fort because, when you're four and inside, everything needs to be a fort.

Or food. I swear, four year olds never stop being hungry.
(While writing this, I have been asked for cereal and bread and to make cookies and Jell-O at the same time and, two hours ago, he ate two bowls of Jambalaya. #cantstopwontstop #probablywhyIneverwriteonhereanymore)