Wednesday, August 13, 2014

These Two Pictures Are From the Fourth of July But Whatev.

My boys are growing up.

Fourth of July Photographs by NWA Wedding and Senior Photographer Lissa Chandler - -8

Yesterday, I sat in my mom's kitchen and flipped through her copy of Max's baby book. I grinned so hard at the rolls and the smiles and the memories of the three of us living in that teeny, tiny one bedroom apartment in South Provo that probably should have been condemned but sheltered us anyway. We didn't even have two quarters to rub together and I can still remember the pit in my stomach, hoping that we had enough to cover groceries and diapers and gas for the end of the week. We married so young and so fast and so intensely and, when our life together started, it was like my heart was ripped open- and I mean this in the best sense.

When Andrew and I fell in love, it was like everything was new. And when I became a mom? Everything just multiplied. Andrew and I are parents to the two most magical human beings on the face of the planet. Maxwell is the happiest person I have ever met. Not the happiest child or the happiest preschooler or the happiest relative - the happiest person. When he smiles, his whole body beams. When something exciting happens, he is the first one to clap. When someone needs help, he is the first to volunteer. When there's a joke, he is the very first to laugh. I'm not saying that he is perfect - he is stubborn and overly excitable and so, so sooooo stubborn (did I mention stubborn?) - but his outlook in life is something that I marvel at daily. He's just happy, from the tips of his toes to the top of his hair. And better? He radiates it. When Max laughs, you can feel it from across the room. The boy's infectious!

Henry, on the other hand, doesn't care as much about being happy as he does about going at top speed all of the time. Henry was the most chill baby I have ever been around- he was content to look around and stare and coo and, now that he is almost two (!!!), I am one thousand percent positive that, while he was acting so chill, he was really just plotting about whatever it was he was going to do as soon as he was big enough for it. Max is always laughing. Henry is always scheming. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen and, in retrospect, I have no idea how I ever felt like I had my hands full when we just had Max. As I told my mom recently, Henry is just the kind of kid that everyone spoils. Something about the spark in his eye and how he loves to say "Me!!!" or "YEAH!" or make whale noises with his hands raised or the way that he dances like a maniac whenever he hears music or, heck, even the way his gravely voice says "No!" makes people adore him.

They are just growing up so fast!

But! Instead of gushing so hard that I put y'all (and my "y'all", I mean my future self) to sleep, I will just tell this story from this evening:

After bath time, Henry ran out into the yard naked and played that way for thirty minutes. And the only time he stopped running? He stood over my brother's toy water gun to pee on it.

The boy's got perfect aim, y'know?