About Us: Lissa, Andrew, Max, and Huck.

Meet Me (Lissa, short for Elisabeth):


I like being a mom. And taking photographs. And editing photographs as fast as possible. And writing. And having a clean apartment. And painting. And cooking. And walking barefoot. And kissing Max's cheeks right after he's woken up. And sporing a tan. And talking about the future. And running around with two children all day long every day. And picking out fresh flowers once a week. And baking cookies on Sunday afternoons and rainy days. And letting my hair air dry. And staying up until two in the morning. And painted nails. And quilts. And instant photographs. And dreaming up baby names. And dancing around with Henry. And reading. And crocheting- but only blankets. And sewing. And finding the perfect light. But mostly, I love being in love with Andrew.

Meet Andrew (whose called "Mr. C." in the title because it alliterated with "Me".):

Andrew | lissachandler.com-7

Andrew likes history. And religion. And being called super sappy nicknames like "Hubbykins" (ha!). And reading my blog. And surprising me with new camera lenses. And reading extremely thick books. And learning trivial facts. And reading webcomics like this one. And eating bacon. And trying to convert the world to his liberal ways. And not shaving. And grounding Maxwell. And writing essays. And watching movies. And taking midday naps. And working in HR. And talking about How I Met Your Mother. And keeping Henry up past bedtime. And falling asleep in the boys room while putting them to bed.And cleaning up the kitchen whenever I ask- particularly if it is after eleven o'clock at night. But mostly, he loves being in love with me.

Meet Maximillian (code for Batman):


Maxwell likes Batman. And swimming (swimming lessons coming this year!). And playing outside. And smiling so he gets out of trouble. And snuggling when he's tired. And pulling clothes out of his dresser. And writing on his walls in Sharpie (yes- we live in a rented apartment). And cheesing it up whenever he meets someone new. And calling Henry "Huck-ta-bull". And sleeping in his HUGE bed. And calling small things "tiny". And helping cook dinner. And playing at the park. And nursery every Sunday. And sleeveless shirts. And picking out his clothes in the morning. And hour long baths. And playing in the creek with Daddy. And watching Wonder Pets. And making forts. And getting into the fridge when he's not supposed to. And rolling around the floor with his brother. And talking sweet. And saying "I love you, MOMMY!!!!" when he's busted. And being the best nearly-three year old this world has ever seen.But mostly, he loves Batman. Did I mention he loves Batman?

Meet Henry Call-Me-Huck Chandler:


Henry likes stealing his brother's toys. And wearing a red hat so he looks like Smee from Peter Pan. And hanging out with Mommy. And crying whenever Max leaves the room. And being naked. And playing in the tub. And jumping for hours in the jumper. And chasing after the dog. And trying to eat flowers. And hugging stuffed animals. And giving baby kisses. And pulling hair. And making every woman who sees him baby hungry. And sneaking into the bed at night. And shoving stuff in his mouth. And being the loudest baby on the planet. And taking morning naps (but no- not afternoon naps). And laying on blankets outside for hours at a time. And hitting the window on the door. And snuggling. And being chill. But mostly, he loves flirting while nursing.

Before Andrew and I got hitched, we decided that we wanted to take a picture a day, every day, so that we could look back in seventy-five years and remember all the fun we had together... even if, y'know, we couldn't remember it because we would be ninety-seven years old. And those pictures? We've been posting them here since June 25, 2009. Sometimes they come with witty one liners, sometimes they came with little novels, and sometimes they come all on their lonesome, but we love them all just the same.

You can read more about how we met, fell in love, and all that other crazy gushy (wonderful!) stuff right here.